Are you frustrated with your parenting and overwhelmed by your child’s behaviors?

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The Parents Hub is the support you’ve been looking for and the break you’ve been needing.

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Hi, I’m Richard Dixson.

I’ve been helping frustrated parents build authentic and loving connections with their children. You don’t have to go another day or night discouraged about your parenting.


It’s not your fault


You’ve been trapped by traditional parenting practices


Trauma may be the culprit in your child’s behavior, and you should know why

Introducing: The Parents Hub

Get customized coaching using the newest, proven parenting practices and strategies. The skills you’ll learn are based on Harvard Medical school research, Dr. Karen Purvis’ Trust-Based Relational Intervention techniques, and my 3C+ parenting method.

The Parents Hub is a unique, safe community designed by parents for parents who need support beyond the casual advice or monthly counseling. It is designed to help you make weekly progress in your parenting, so you enjoy growing close with your child.


Join now for the special price of $37 per month or $370 for the year

(regularly $47 per month or $470 for the year)

What’s in it for you?

2 Weekly live coaching calls

You can ask me any and all your parenting questions. You also get the value of being with other parents experiencing the same challenges.

24/7 Easy-to-Access recording of all live calls

Don’t miss a discussion because your time is valuable.

Support and advice from other parents

It’s reassuring to know you are not alone. A safe place to connect is priceless.

A monthly parenting Challenge

Progress is the best cure to your parenting stress. A deep dive lesson with a step-by-step call-to action guide will build your confidence of how to respond to your child’s behaviors.


Join now for the special price of $37 per month or $370 for the year

(regularly $47 per month or $470 for the year)

And don’t worry- you can cancel your membership at any time, no questions asked and no drama.


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